Friday, February 23, 2007

Congrats Dad!

Just last Sunday my dad finished an amazing 1/2 marathon. That's a whole 22k!!! I was so impressed. He is super-dad. He had to get up really early in the morning (I'm talking 4:30am early) and drive out to a small town where the marathon began. He finished in 2.5 hrs and recieved a cool medal. I knew that dad would do well, after all he's been training extremely hard for the past 5 months, so while he was gone running I decided to make him a congratulatory cake.

Since he's been working hard to be as fit as can be for this race, I decided to make it an angel food cake. I made the cake just for him... and when I say just for him that's exactly what I mean. I got the recipe for this Individual Spiced Angel Food Cake from Seen above is the cute, undecorated cake.

And now the final presentation...
Just decorated it with a bit of cool whip and some drizzled chocolate. I made the chocolate hearts myself, thought it added a cute "I-Luv-You" touch. Kraft Canada has some really awesome tips on how to use melted chocolate... I followed their instructions on making the hearts and then decided to decorate the plate for some more "I-Luv-You" umph.

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