Saturday, February 17, 2007

One more day and counting...

Well, CNY is only a day away. My family has plans to go out for dinner at Hon's and maybe we'll stop by at T&T to watch the festivities. Although if you really want to get a taste for the traditional CNY fun go to the Plaza of Nations or even Crystal Mall. Since all of my extended family is in Singapore, my family of 5 usually just has a small CNY bash... but that doesn't mean it's not exciting. And this will be the first CNY that my puppy will be involved in! I'm thinking of dressing him up like a dragon! What d'ya think?

We've been loading up on all the Chinese New Year goodies... take a look. We've got sugared water chestnuts, peanut candies and peanut crunch pastries.

The peanut candies are my favorite, I always start to miss them around Decembers. But then I remember that CNY is just around the corner and the stores will start selling these again :) The flavors are (from bottom to top): Coffee, Almond, Peanut, Cocoa, Nutmeat, Black Sesame, Cream and Coconut... Yum!

The picture of the peanut pastry is pretty sad. That's because I didn't remember to take a photo until there was only one left... so I really had no choice in which pastry to photograph :P And if you want a recipe for this see: Florence's Crispy Peanut Puff

Not quite sure what the multicolored sweet things are... supposedly they're made of sugar, glutinous rice flour, butter and oil (didn't quite like them). But my family just started gobbling up the deep-fried sesame balls, or as Florence calls them Chinese Laughing Dumplings.
Well I should definetly rest up a bit before CNY, so I'll see you then!

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