Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Long Weekend of Eating Out (Part 2)

Since my sister's didn't have school on Monday, I decided to treat them to their favorite asian lunch-spot... Bubble World! I've posted previously regarding this restaurant, when I treated my sisters to lunch for Jackie's b-day, you can check it out here. Since the last time we dined there, it seems to have made quite a few changes.

Walking into the restaurant, the first thing my sisters and I noticed was that they had renovated the place. Their were no longer individual tables but a bunch of booths. The booths made it feel more secluded and private, usually those things are good in restaurants but we found it very hard to get attention from the servers. Besides the new decor, they also changed the menu and the presentation of the food. The bowls and plates seemed more "over-the-top" and modern, rather than the more rustic and traditional dining ware that we had been expecting.

Their gyoza was just the way we like them, crispy on the outside and steamy on the inside. (The plate they served it on is identical to the plate I use at home... it's from Daiso, I just know it!)

Pork Intestines in Spicy Sauce, served with vegetables and steamed rice ($6.95). The main reason I ordered this was because the "spicyness-level" was 4, I love anything spicy and this dish is no exception. The sauce wasn't as spicy as I expected, but it still tasted great. The pieces of pork-blood in the dish were a surprising treat!

Curry-chicken and Rice ($6.95). My sister enjoyed this dish

See what I mean about the modern-style bowls! Beef and Noodles in Soup ($5.95) not as good as I remember it being, my sister didn't enjoy it that much either. The portion was a bit small, as compared to our last visit... and that dish use to cost only $4.95!

It was kind of disappointing to see that our favorite bubble-tea restaurant had changed so much since our last visit. But looking on the bright side, perhaps they'll change management again sometime soon and the quality, service and decor will be improved.


Palidor said...

Ohhh, I'm so envious of all the wonderful food you get to eat! I live in a very small town without an authentic Chinese restaurant (the all-you-can-eat Chinese/Canadian buffets are not real Chinese food). Keep the pictures coming! I have to live (eat) vicariously through you! ;-)

silverrock said...

hehehe... I will definitely keep the pictures coming :)