Saturday, May 17, 2008

Girlie Night

Okay, so staying out of the kitchen is next to impossible for me :P Last night, my sisters and I spent the night-in and celebrated our girliness. We didn't really feel like making anything too demanding, so we used a Betty Crocker Brownie Mix *gasp* I know!

Actually, the mix turned out really fudgy and delicious. The ganache-frosting was so simple and perfect. One day, I will find the perfect "from-scratch" recipe for brownies that turn out as perfect as these Betty Crocker ones, but until then I might as well just enjoy these :)


Palidor said...

silverrock, try this recipe:

This is the one I always use for a perfect fudgy brownie. They're absolutely sinful. :)

silverrock said...

Thanks! i will be eating chocolate until I'm brown in the face :P