Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Long Weekend of Eating Out (Part 1)

Feels like I just keep eating, and when I'm not eating, I'm baking... and then eating :P This weekend was a doozy for me and my imaginary diet; my parents thought that dim-sum would be less crowded this long-weekend, but they were wrong. I guess Richmond folk don't go away for the May long-weekend... but then again, neither did we! So, we went to our favorite dim-sum restaurant Neptune. Although I really enjoy their food and the selection, I think it would be great to try out a new dim-sum spot. The family has been searching, but have yet to find a yum-cha place that has "$2.50 a dish" specials and also a great selection. Anywho... on with the pictures!

We order the usual: siu mai, har gaw, lor bak goh, steamed beef tripe, baked radish pastry, chicken rice... and then we tried some new stuff!

I'll admit... this isn't a new dish, but the picture of this fried mantou turned out so beautifully. You can see the nice swirl and the bun looks like it's glowing! It was also tasty

Their jook was also very tasty, it had lots of chicken, green onions and century eggs (all the good stuff!)

I had my eye on the sweets, here is Neptune's steam buns with lotus paste and salted mash.

I wanted to try some abalone, but this dish didn't really show off the delicate ingredient. The dumpling was full of cabbage and mushroom, with one small piece of abalone (the size of a dime) *sigh* oh well, I'll just buy a can of the stuff from T&T.

More Sweets! Their egg-custard cake was very tender and moist. I think it had some flaked coconut pieces in between layers... Delicious

We've been to Neptune so many times that we practically have the menu memorized. Maybe they'll surprise us someday buy adding some really random dish to the dim-sum menu, but until then we're happy with the regular stuff.

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