Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thick Toast

Okay, I'll admit my toast isn't really that thick, but at least I tried :P I have been wanted to try the thick toast that the sell at the Bubble-tea shops, but haven't been able to convince myself that a piece of toast is worth payint $4.25. Are they crazy!!?!? So, I decided to make my own... I have all the ingredients, so why not? I sliced up a loaf of Cobs White Bread (the best white loaf ever... aside from the milk bread from T&T) and stuck it in the toaster oven. Once one side was nicely browned, I toasted the other side. Then I slathered on the peanut butter and poured on the condensed milk. *drool* this dish was heavenly.... It was crispy, fluffy and wonderfully sweet. Next time, I will definitely slice the bread thicker and maybe try out some different toppings. Maybe tonight?

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