Thursday, January 17, 2008

Make Your Own Pizza Night!

It began with another one of my sister's school projects. Except this time, instead of having to prepare a Sumerian feast, she was doing a project that was monitoring mold growth on cheese. Why does she always choose the foodie projects? Maybe she's more like me than I thought :P Anywho, her project required the buying of mozzarella, gouda and cheddar cheese. She only needed to use a small portion of the cheese-block and so we were left with a mound of cheese and no idea of what to do with it.
I decided that the family could do with a "Make-your-own Pizza Night" and I was right (I usually am)... After I announced that we would be preparing our own pizza I remembered that I would then have to face my baking enemy... YEAST!
It seems that everytime I use yeast, it never rises properly. Either, I scald the poor thing until it dies and then I end up with a seriously dead/flat bread... or I get overly happy that my yeast is rising and then I let it go overboard (until it ferments to a sour state!). But this time, I was determined to get it right ...

The Yeast that rose to perfection!!!

After the dough was made, my family gathered around to make their own pizzas. They weren't the prettiest things you've ever seen, but they sure where delicious looking. We're a pretty healthy family and the toppings totally reflected that...

The ugly, but healthy pizza... yum

The pizza dough recipe came from, and made enough for 6 individual pizzas. After I made those, I had a small mound of dough left over and decided to be asian. I made two small pizza buns, like those found at my favorite supermarket T&T (see the picture at the top). All-in-all, pizza night was a success and all were satisfied with their personalized meals. Sadly, the cheese still lingered... what would we do? I wonder if the cheese will keep until the Superbowl... if so, I guess we'll be having nachos!

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