Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sumerian Cooking

Who knew that Sumerians, the ancient civilaztion of Mesopotamia in the third millenia, were such amazing chefs? I sure didn't...Well the jist of it is that my sister had a Sumer project that she had left until the last minute to complete. Luckily she chose the topic of Sumerian food... or shall I say, "lucky for her that her sister is a foodie :P" I was psyched to whip up some interesting cuisine from the ancient days of Mesopotamia. I had to scour the internet in order to find appropriate recipes... and let me tell you, it was not easy! But here's what we came up with:

Barley Flour Flat-bread: Apparently, the Sumerian's livelihood was barley wheat. They used if for everything!

Date Cookies: the Sumerian's also relied on dates as their number one fruit. These cookies were amazingly flavorful and my sister said her class gobbled them up like... well, cookies!

We also made a delicious porridge using barley flour, but I forgot to take a pic. I know, I'm an aweful person. But it basically looked like any old porridge, although it tasted quite different.

The last-minute family cook-off was so much fun. Mom and I dashed out to the nearest store in search of ingredients... BTW who knew that barley flour was easier to find than leeks? We brought the ingredients home and began to cook up a storm. My sisters helped mix the flatbread dough, dad made the porridge, while mom and I worked on the cookies. I hope we get to do this sometime soon.

The recipes for the barley porridge and barley flatbread can be found HERE; the recipe for the date cookies can be found HERE


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Ran across this site while researching for a novel set in ancient Sumer. Now my hubby can't wait to try them, although he's a little leery of the turnips in blood. Thanks! You made my day.

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Anonymous, what is the site? And where are all the other Sumerian recipes. She is only showing two. I'm a little confused.


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