Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kam Ding

Rating: *** 1/2 out of *****

Another sunny afternoon, another chance to get out there and go to dim-sum! My favorite meal time experience. This time we went to another little known, but very good dim sum restaurant in Coquitlam. Man, it seems like Coquitlam is where it's at, if you're looking for good Southeast Asian or Authentic Chinese food. We were first introduced this this restaurant by some friends at Bible Study. They had invited the entire Bible Study group to go out for a meal here following one of our group camping trips. And after eating camp food for the last week, we were more than ready to dig into some good ol' dim sum. This time however, we were just ready to savour the delicious dishes...

We always order the beef cheong fun, my sisters don't particularly enjoy the meat filling... but they adore the "skin".

My parents and I shared these scallop har gow... mmmm good.

These prawn-stuffed wintermelon sections were really good. The slightly sweet melon contrasted but also enhanced the prawns flavour.

The full spread (from the top) minced-chicken sticky rice, prawn-stuffed wintermelon, fungzhao, and the scallop har gow.

Steamed beef tripe and curried squid... two more essential dishes whenever we dine out for dim sum.

My sisters love their jook, almost as much as they love the one from Hon's. I love their generous helping of spring onions and the you tiao.

The bad thing about this restaurant is that they don't take reservations. First-come first serve :( If you get their early enough, you can find a seat quickly and the bus-people try to move as quickly as possible. The restaurant is quite small, so if it's busy you may be waiting for 30-40 minutes for a table... unless you are a party of two and don't mind sharing a table with random strangers. Luckily we knew all of this information before-hand, and this way we got a seat within 10minutes. With the hustle-and-bustle of this place, the service is very good and the waitresses are very attentive. I do recommend you go to Kam Ding at least once.

Kam Ding

3021 Anson Avenue, Coquitlam

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