Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chocolate Soufflés

I wasn't quite sure what recipe would be good to ring in the New Year with, but I was sure that it would have to be a recipe that I had never attempted before. A cake perhaps? Naw, we actually have a lot of baked goods hanging around our house right now... and my mom doesn't like food to go to waste, so she said that I couldn't make anything too big. Hmmm... this narrowed down my options as there are only a couple recipes that you can prepare in an individual-style. Molten chocolate cake? Hmm... not too great for New Year's resolutions :P How about something a little bit lighter? Yeah... and I wanted to use my ramekins... what's chocolatey, "light" and uses ramekins? Chocolate Soufflé! Hooray, I've decided on a recipe.
Immediately after cooking the souffles had risen almost two inches! But very quickly, the souffles began to fall. I quickly served up the chocolatey treats and had my family wishing for more. They found the texture to be very velvety and the soufflés to be very filling. Although they may look light, these little concoctions will fill you up very quickly. I got the recipe from

I laughed after removing the foil from this baby, one side rose and the other side didn't. My youngest sister wanted this one... guess she didn't mind that it was horridly mishapen

All-in-all, the souffled turned out great. I would have liked them to rise and stay risen a little longer, maybe next time I'll try a recipe that uses more egg whites than yolks. Besides that, they were a great way to kick off the New Year in style. After eating the soufflés my family kicked back and relaxed by playing mahjong and counting down until 2008.

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