Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bento Lunch

Sorry I've been gone for so long but Nursing School is a total stressor. It's not that I haven't been baking or cooking a lot recently, because believe me... I have. Cooking is the only way to relieve the stress. So to maintain my sanity during the last few days of school I decided to prepare myself some cute bentos. It's been a while since my last bento excursion, but I decided that it was time to re-invent myself... sounds cheesey, I know...

Day 1:
Fish-shaped Onigiri with ketchup blush
Cucumber "waves"
Romaine Lettuce "kelp"
Soy sauce in a fish-shaped container
I know this bento isn't the most creative, but it totally helped regain my sanity. It also paved the way for the next days bento creation...

Day 2:
Piplup Onigiri (Crown made of dyed egg, nose made of ketchup rice)
Pokeball made of fishball and pepperoni
Hotdog flower and Cucumber-Carrot Star
I was pretty impressed with this one. My mom couldn't believe that I would spend so much time and effort working on a lunch that would be gobbled up the next day... and to tell you the truth, I didn't care. I had so much fun preparing my lunch that it made it even more special eating it. (That sentenced sounded weird). Anywho, it'll probably be a while before I go on a bento excursion again, but it was fun none-the-less.

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