Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy CNY

It's that time of year again, Chinese New Year!!! Wahoo! I love this "holiday" because it gives me an excuse to bake, buy and make yummy CNY treats.

Prosperity Buns filled with Lotus Paste (Not a creation of mine, but I bought these from T&T... I think I'll try making them someday... but only when yeast and I have mended our broken relationship)

The Japanese also enjoy CNY celebrations, so of course I had to prepare my sisters' favorite treat. Hanami Dango... this time I used matcha powder for the green dough, and it was superb

Laughing Dumplings... one of my personal favorites. I actually made these ahead of time, and then brought them to work (KFC) and fried them. Hehehe, I'm so sneaky... but it beats slaving over the wok and hoping that my oil was a consistent temperature.

The Laughing Dumpling recipe can be found on Florence's Blog along with a bunch of other great CNY recipes. I hope to make some more CNY treats before my stressful student life takes hold of me once more... but I've got midterms this week, and my world is spinning round-and-round. Well, I still have until Thursday to celebrate CNY! But until then... Gong Xi!

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