Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Onsen Tamago

Hmm... I decided that today I would do a little cooking. And by little, I mean really little. I had a Nursing midterm to study for, and didn't really feel ready to cook up a storm. Well, that's not exactly true... I wanted to cook, but my conscience wouldn't let me cook without major guilt overshadowing my everymove. So, for this culinary excursion I decided to make the simple Japanese dish Onsen Tamago, or literally "Hotspring Egg".
Sadly, there are few hotsprings where I live... actually there's a lot of snow at the moment :P So, I used the next best device on hand to simulate the constant warm temperature of a hotspring... MY RICE COOKER! Yup, just follow this easy recipe and you've got yourself an onsen tamago without having to hike to your nearest hotspring.

Rice Cooker Tamago

- As many eggs as you wish to eat
- Rice to cook


1. Cook your rice, as per usual, in the rice cooker
2. Wait for the rice cooker to reach the "warming" stage
3. Stick your eggs in the rice and continue warming for 40minutes.
4. Dish out the rice, and gently crack the egg over the rice... or eat by itself

This was really good... and if you want more flavor than just egg, add in some soy sauce, sesame oil, fried onion/garlic etc. This egg was delicious, albeit not the prettiest thing ever, but it was certainly tastey.

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