Monday, December 24, 2007

Top Gun

Rating: **** out of *****
Oh, seems like not too long ago I had been eating Japanese food. Wait, it wasn't that long ago :P Well, my parents have this fascination with dining out... and that's lucky for me, a food-aholic foodie. Hehehe... my parents also love the all you can eat sushi restaurants and believe me, we can surely eat it all.

This time, we decided to take a trip out to New Westminister and eat at one of our favorite Japanese Restaurants, Top Gun! They have a wide variety of foods to choose from, that is if you order from the menu... as for the all-you-can-eat, it's basically the same old stuff. Next time I must convince my parents to order from the menu, but then they'd probably insist that I pay :P
My camera was dying, so I couldn't use the flash :( But I managed to squeeze in quite a few photos... in between my camera shouting "low battery" and subsequently shutting down.

Here's the first order's spread. Yes, you heard me... our first round. We ordered vegetable tempura (they were small portions, so we ordered two), smelt (one of my favorites), teriyaki beef, salmon and saba nigiri, inari sushi and california rolls. And in the middle of the table, you can see that we Chinese love to eat our sushi (and everything else) with sambal chili :P

Here are a couple pieces of salmon and saba sushi. The pictures actually turned out quite nice!

Some gingered pork, we decided to try this dish during our second order... something different.

A single order of teriyaki chicken. We were quite disappointed with the size of the serving. They have become smaller since the last time we came to Top Gun. But, it's all-you-can-eat... so we'll just order another

The salmon cheek was really well prepared. Full of meat, and not an overpowering sauce... this was one of my favorites that day.

Oyster Motoyaki, we always order these. But again, the servings were quite small. We re-ordered them on our second round.

We helped ourselves to the mango pudding, not the best in the world (my mom makes better) but it wasn't half bad.

The dining experience was actually quite nice. The service was quick and the waitresses were very helpful. We were asked if we were "ready to order" four times before we were actually ready to choose our dishes... that's service (although it was kind of spooky). If you're one of the lucky people who get a table next to the window, you'll be looking at a beautiful view of the Fraser River. Top Gun's ambiance makes this one of our favorite places to go and spend pleasant afternoon.

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