Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mom and Dad's Anniversary... dining out!

***1/2 out of *****
Mmm... what to do for your 22nd Anniversary? Dine out of course. That way you don't have to do any dishes and you don't have to feel bad about it. We decided to try out Akasaka, this Japanese restaurant in Guildford. It's located next to, and almost hidden by, the Oriental buffet. This place is pretty pricey if you only plan to go for sushi, but they do have a wide variety to choose from. Along with sushi, they have a wonderful menu full of traditional Japanese cuisine.

One of my favorites, takoyaki. They give you 5 pieces for $6.95. For the price it's not really worth it, but I was craving it. I actually think the takoyaki I bought at the Richmond Nightmarket was tastier and for a better price (6 for $3.00)

Of course, my sisters wanted tempura. This one actually came with my sister's udon meal. She got a large bowl of udon plus green bean, pumpkin, brocolli and shrimp tempura for only $7.95

Of the many specialty rolls Akasaka offers, we decided to try the Volcano Roll. It is essentially a california roll, filled with asparagus, crabmeat, and scallops. The roll is then topped with snapper, cheese sauce and black sesame seeds. They served it on a flaming dish, which was very entertaining. If you feel like paying $13.95 for a sushi roll, go ahead and try it.

The loving couple decided to split the Tonkatsu dinner box. Nothing to rave about, but it sure was tasty (although I wouldn't pay $15.95)

And of course, you can't enjoy a Japanese dinner without a bottle of warm sake ($7.95). Much to strong for my taste, but I recommend you try it at least once in a lifetime.

Overall, the service was excellent. Actually, my family takes a long time to decide on what to order. The waiter had to ask us for our order at least 5 times before we came to a decision. Still, he was patient and very helpful. The rest of the staff was very pleasant; you could feel the Christmas spirit all around. That, and they wore the cutest little Christmas head-pieces ... santa hats, reindeer antlers and elf ears. Now that exams are almost over, I must start my Christmas baking!

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