Sunday, December 30, 2007

Staff Party '07

Woot! Another year of working at KFC and boy am I glad it's over... jkjk. Seriously, I love my part-time job at the KFC Chicken Hut :P For our Christmas/New Year's bash we went out for a lovely dinner. Not saying that KFC wouldn't make a lovely dinner, but we decided to travel down to Richmond and my favorite street... No. 3 Rd. What better place to find quality chinese seafood? I had actually never heard of Shiang Garden before but from what my co-workers were telling me, I was in for a real treat. The boss went all out this year, and the staff was treated to a whopping ten-course meal. Last year, we went to the Radisson in Richmond for a "buffet-like" private dinner and the year before that we went to Boston Pizza. I think the boss may be doing well for himself, as you can see the staff parties getting more upscale... hmm, maybe I should ask for a raise :P

Course 1: Assorted Meat Platter, this consisted of duck, squid, jellyfish and pork hock
Course 2: Sharkfin Soup, this was really good... I had two bowls
Course 3: Crab with Noodles, the crab meat was well prepared, very tender and tasty. The noodles on the other hand were very plain and tasted like they came from a plastic container.
Course 4: Fresh Scallops with Vegetables, these melt-in-your-mouth scallops were also well prepared.
Course 5: Was suppose to be the steamed fish, but I guess it wasn't ready on time. So we moved on to the Egg Tofu with Seafood. I'm not sure what they put in the tofu, probably msg, but I was hooked. They were very delicious.
Course 6: Still waiting on the fish, we were served the next course. Probably the only dish without any seafood, Beef with Gailan.

Course 7: Crispy Chicken, yes... working at KFC you'd think we would be sick of chicken. Think again :P This chicken was very moist, and the crispy skin was not too dry but very ... um crispy!

Course 8: The Steamed Fish, after all that anticipation the fish actually wasn't that good. The broth was way too "fishy" and this fish taste/smell was not well covered by any seasonings.

Course 9: Fried Rice, not sure why we ended with this dish... but it actually worked out. I was quite full nearing the final four courses and didn't feel like I missed out on much by not eating the rice.

Course 10: Dessert... that's all the menu said, I guess to create mystery. This red bean tong sui was just okay, I think Hon's makes an even better one. I don't much like the orange essence in red bean soups, but they added some to this one.

Well, another year down and all is well with life. Here's to 2008 and a bunch of new adventures. I can't believe I'm graduating in 2 years!!!

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