Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OMG Durian Ice Cream at My Favourite Supermarket

Some people may think that I am crazy, which is in some ways true, as I adore the stinky fruit. But who cares about the strong smell, it's the taste that really counts... am I right? Anyways, many people know that I also love T&T Supermarket and spend almost every waking hour either their or dreaming of being there; and as I walked down the frozen treat aisle towards some free samples (note how Asian I am) I spotted a new brand of ice cream that they were selling. It didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, they had ube flavour and mango flavour... but then I spotted it, could it be? Durian flavoured ice cream that I can buy and take home :)

I have tried the durian ice cream at some small vendors in Downtown Vancouver and really came to love it (almost as much as the real fruit itself) but now I could actually buy it, take it home and serve it up whenever I was feeling durian withdrawal! I would have bought it but it was a bit pricey and I had little money to spare... so I sadly walked away *sniff*. Upon arriving back home I hung out with my sisters, playing Soul Calibur 2 etc. Then I heard my parents coming home from work and, as usual, my sisters and I ran to the door to greet them. My mom had come straight home, but my dad had stopped off at T&T on his way back and to my surprise he had bought the durian ice cream that I had been reminiscing about all day. He said that he knew I would enjoy it... aww isn't he sweet?

Of course I didn't scarf down the entire pint of ice cream by myself, my entire family got in on the durian action. Except my youngest sister... who doesn't quite like exotic foods, rather preferring to chow down on her western food.

The ice cream was great, and what I had expected it to be... creamy, rich and it even had chunks of real durian mixed in. Yummy! Maybe I'll try some of the other flavours. My other sister wants to try the ube one, and everyone loves mango... well till then I'm happy sticking with my durian :P

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