Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Dad surprised us today by bringing home a gorgeous durian. Albeit it was frozen, but it was still beautiful to me. People either detest it or adore it. I love durian... while many may find it's pungent smell sickening, I take in every whiff of the fruit with anxious delight. Supposedly the durian was on sale at T&T (the best supermarket in the world... as stated previously in my other blogs) so my dad grabbed the nicest one he could find, to surprise the family. Isn't he sweet :)
Of course, after buying the durian and lugging it home the real task is opening the spikey casing to reveal the deliciously creamy fruit. This took quite a lot of work (as it always does) but the end reward was worth the toil and sweat. If you have yet to try this exotic fruit do not delay. It may take some getting use to; but once you taste it your world will forever be changed... jkjk well it's partly true. But what are you really expecting? After all it is only a fruit hehehe :P

Watch for... The Adventures of The Durian

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Kheedci said...

One of the cities in my country is very famous to produce this fruit. I once met somebody from that city who told me, the secret to open it is to find the line that starts from the top to the bottom. Despite the confusing spikes, there will always be that line. :)