Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mums and Dads

I love my mom and dad, and I think that they're all getting a bad rep. I'm not talking about my parents in particular, but all moms and dads. They are always being portrayed in movies and on television as being uncool, stubborn and senile in their old age. This is simply untrue. And even if it were true... so what.

They are allowed to be uncool if they choose to be; but really what defines a cool parent? Someone who lets you get a tattoo? smoke? drink? If that defines cool, I really could care less about having cool parents. I believe that a cool parent is someone who takes care of you, cares for you and has your best interests at heart. I guess that I'm starting to sound like a parent, but is it really that awful? I think that our moms and dads treat us the way they do because of the experience with life that they have, and the knowledge about life that we severely lack.

Okay some parents may be a little over protective, having curfews that are much too early and not letting you hang out with individuals of the opposite sex. Now that is messed up. But in general parents aren't that restricting and they really want us kids to have as much freedom as is possible, I mean... I don't think that their intention is to have us live at home for the rest of our lives.

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