Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Adventures of the Durian

A long awaited photo spectacular...

Here is our durian. Isn't he cute? I decided it would be a boy... not sure why; just because. Anyways, the picture in the "Durian" blog is also of our durian. But I think this picture captures his more glamorous side.

Here is a picture of my dad using a crowbar and a hammer to open the sucker. I told you it takes a lot of effort to open these puppies.

After much strenuous work, we (when I say we I mean dad) finally opened one of the compartments of the durian to reveal the first grouping of the golden fruit. You heard me, there's more than one division that must take place to reveal the remaining durian fruit. So on went the arduous struggle to reach the golden fruit within.

The durian still had ice crystals on it, from being frozen... and being a hot summers day no one in the family complained. Eating the cold and creamy durian was like eating durian ice cream. Delicious!

And here are the golden treasures, recovered from within their spikey fortress, being eaten by their excavators. Yum! ... okay the pic is just of me (apparently, no one else wanted to have their picture taken with the fruit :( I hope he doesn't take it personally.)

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Kheedci said...

I can see that you really enjoyed the fruit! :) I have come across a lot of processes done to it. There's the durian candy, durian ice cream, durian pie, and even durian mixed with coffee or something like that.

You could try experimenting on this and I can't wait to be updated. ;)