Monday, March 31, 2008

Taisho at Metrotown

Rating **** out of *****
Okay, so the other day my parents and I went out to all-you-can-eat sushi at Metrotown. We had originally planned on going to Sui Sha Ya, but they were apparently closed for renovations. We were still wanting to shop around at Metro, so we decided to still go there and then we remembered that there was another sushi restaurant inside Metropolis. And so, we ventured into Taisho. We were really excited to try out this place (and were excited that we wouldn't be experiencing the crap service of Sui Sha Ya). All-you-can-eat was $12.95 for late night diners; and late night started at 8:30pm. By the time 8:15pm rolled around, the place was packed with eager all-you-can-eaters... and we were ready to fill our bellies :)

The ordering sheet was slightly confusing, but we worked through it. They have so much more variety than Sui Sha Ya, it's crazy!

They had beautiful spring-mix salads with sashimi on top. Pictured above is the tasty, salad with creamy mayo sauce and below is the even tastier, spicy salmon salad.

Here's my tsunomono... can't have sushi without this!

Their salmon nigiri was very tasty and you could grab as much as you like from the rotating conveyor belt.

Their inari sushi was my favorite... I could eat this all day!

The best part about Taisho is that they often mix up your orders :P We got this Tako nigiri, (which I'm thinking was an order for another table) and it's not included on the all-you-can-eat menu!

I simply love salmon-roe sushi and their

Onto the hot food; fried smelt fish is my dad's favorite. I kinda like the little eggs inside... don't ask me why.

Hmm... these sad looking mackerel "steaks" were very MSG tasting

The server said that we had gotten the last pair of salmon cheeks! I feel so special

Look at our motoyaki! So funny looking without it's shell... but I suppose it saves the dishwashers from having to reuse oyster shells.

We asked for veggie tempura, but apparently they only have one type of veggie :P

Spicy Salmon Sashimi, this was definitely the dish off the night. Sui Sha Ya would never serve this to all-you-can-eaters, but Taisho rocks my socks and served us this heaping plate of beautifully marinated salmon.

Also, Taisho has much better desserts than Sui Sha Ya's crappy jello. This was a tasty coconut soup with honey-dew, watermelon and sago.

They also served ice cream. My mom chose mango, but I decided on matcha!

All in all, the service was wonderful. Although the waitress did get our orders messed up a couple times we can't complain because it was pretty busy (plus the mistakes kind of worked to our advantage, as we got Tako nigiri that's not actually on our menu!). The food was great, and the service was well... entertaining, their was no pressure to eat as quickly as possible and I really enjoyed the variety of goodies they served. So long Sui Sha Ya; Taisho here we come!

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