Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Break in Seattle: Part 1... getting there

This trip, although only lasting two days, was amazing family fun. I can't believe how much entertainment I got out of this two day vacation-fest with the family... and in lowly Seattle. I had been to Seattle many times before, but this time something was different. I'm not quite sure what it was, but I felt as though I had a lot more crazy and different experiences on this trip... some good, some bad, but all were amazing!

2hrs my butt... we waited in line for 5.5 freakin' hours!!!

Here are the half-way mark Lamas... they almost made the 5hrs worth it :P

Finally, we see the grand ol' border

I wasn't all that excited to be having lunch at BK, but hey... I'll take what I can get. Ooo... extra tomatoes, onions and pickles! Hooray

Yeah! Finally, we made it all the way to the outlets. Ready to spend some moula... first stop Nike and then, who knows?!

Can't remember what store this was, but Seattle Premium outlets has a bunch of great kitchen/cooking shops. Look at all the neat ingredients. They also had a ton of baking utensils and appliances.

Wohoo! Seattle's space-needle, we are in the city :)

It was already pretty late, so we decided to grab dinner before checking in to the hotel. Haven't been to Sizzler in forever, we don't have any on BC's southcoast :( so this was a real treat

So, you basically order an entree and pay at the front. The meal doesn't include drinks, so you can add that and also a salad bar for $3. We only ordered three entrees and then added 2 salad bars.

Entree #1: Shrimp platter with rice pilaf

Entree #2: Mushroom Teriyaki Sirloin with baked potato

Entree #3: Fish and Chips

All the fruit from the salad bar!!! I couldn't believe they had avacados?! I grabbed a bunch. The salad bar also included 2 types of soup, fresh veggies, pizza, burritos, taco bowls, nachos, ice cream and brownies.

After dinner, we finally made it to the hotel. This is the dining area of Embassy Suites; looks just like a tropical vacation scene, eh? I was already looking forward to eating breakfast down there.

The hotel provided Fiji water, for a $4 charge of course; needless to say I won't be drinking this water.

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