Saturday, March 01, 2008


Yeah! The cakes were a success... but more importantly, the birthday was amazing. We had lots of fun with friends and relived tons of past memories. Wow! I can't believe another year's gone by. My mom doesn't mind being older, and seriously, it's the age you feel inside that counts! MOM WE LOVE YOU!!!

Mango Mousse Cake

Strawberry Mousse Cake, with Pocky!!
This cake was inspired by Su-Yin

WooT! I'm so glad the cakes turned out right, it would have been a bummer if the cakes were the thing that dampened the birthday. Although with all the action that day, I don't think anything could've ruined the festivities :)

I very well, can't leave you without at least one recipe... so here's the one I used for my mango mousse cake. Enjoy!

Mango Mousse Cake

1 recipe of your favorite white-cake (genoise works well), enough to make two 9-inch round and 3/4-inch high cakes


- 450g mango puree (from can, or fresh)
- 1/8cup sugar- 1 tbsp rum (or rum flavor)

- Chunks of fresh mango (sliced and cubed)


- 350ml whipping cream

- 2 - 3 tbsp icing sugar


- 100g white chocolate

- 70ml whipping cream


- 15g gelatin

- 60ml hot water

Mango Mirror Layer

- 150gm mango puree

- 1 tbsp gelatin

- 50ml hot water

Method: (do after baking & cooling your cake base)

1. Add sugar and rum to the mango puree, mix well.

2. Whip 350ml whipping cream with icing sugar until it reaches mousse-like state.

3. In a separate bowl (or on stove-top) melt chocolate in 70ml whipping cream.

4. In a separate bowl, dissolve the gelatin in hot water. Stir this mixture into the mango puree.

5. Add melted chocolate mixture to the puree.

6. Fold the entire mixture into the stiff-whipped cream.

7. Line a 9-inch spring form cake pan with parchment paper. Add a slice of the cake base, top it with half the puree. Add in mango chunks (reserving some for garnish). Press the fruits down gently if needed.

8. Top it with the second layer of cake and pour the rest of the puree.

9. Refrigerate for at least 3 - 4 hours then garnish with your choice of fruit.

10. For mirror layer, dissolve gelatin in hot water, mix into 150gm mango puree. Pour mixture over top of the chilled-decorated cake, refrigerate for 2hrs.

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