Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lunch-time Delight: Torta di Pasta

Okay, so I can't seem to stay away from my kitchen. Even my school semester, the kitchen calls me!!! In fact, I study and do my homework on the kitchen table (maybe I should stop that :P). Well, yesterday I finished classes at 10:40am and drove home for lunch. I'd been dying to try this recipe that I spotted on Everyday Italian (one of the best shows on the Food Network) during my trip summer trip to Fairmont... and it seemed simple enough for a lunch time treat. So I scrounged up all the necessities and prepared to make Giada's Torta di Pasta. And I'm so glad I did. I had never had pasta served this way before and neither had my parents. They came home from work while my torta was broiling, and said that the aroma in the kitchen was amazing. I never had much experience broiling, but it was actually pretty simple and the result was a nice fluffy torta with a beautiful, crunchy crust. The torta sliced into about 8 pieces (which I was definitely not going to eat by myself) two of which were enjoyed by my sisters, as an after school snack. They mentioned that it reminded them of a crustless-quiche, which I have to agree on. If I ever have leftover pasta, I will absolutely make this dish again.

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