Monday, September 03, 2007

Gerry's Gelati, Invermere BC

Ah... Invermere B.C., the biggest city around for miles when we went on our week-long, family trip to Fairmont Hot Springs. Wasn't much in the way of shopping, but the food was actually pretty good!

At first I was drawn to this humble looking place in search of something light to eat. From afar, the sign made me believe that all they sold was ice cream. But upon closer inspection the sign revealed that they also prepared paninis for lunch. I had never had a true panini from a shop before, mainly because I'd never found place that sold such a wide variety of exotic panini flavors, but Gerry's Paninis showed promise. I actually found it hard to choose just one sandwich, but settled on their Wildfire one. It consisted of spicy eggplant spread, capicola hm, banana peppers, provolone and tomato sauce.
Although it took quite a while to be pressed and grilled, it was worth the wait. The sandwich was perfectly crisp on the outside, and soft and cheesey on the inside. I'm glad I choose the panini over A&W, and I would do it again.

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defs have to agree
gerry's is the best of the best