Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by Camille at Rtemis. Her blog is quite the epicurean feast for the eyes. I simply love reading her posts and I really enjoyed reading her tag-post. I'm sure anyone who reads my blog, will love reading hers... go visit! Anywho, on with the tag... here are 7 random facts about yours truly:

1. I'm addicted to Gintama, both the anime and the manga!
2. My favorite genre of music is indie/brit rock
3. My current favorite TV show is Dr. Who!
4. I'm a 3rd year nursing student (one more year to go! Woot!)
5. I love dressing up and trick-or-treating (yes, I still do it... even though I'm in my 20's)
6. I can literally spend one-and-a-half hours in the grocery store and not buy anything *gasp* I know... but apparently I'm super picky about a) quality b) quantity c) price
7. I've been to 3 comedy clubs in the past 2 weeks and have loved every single show!

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Camille said...

It was fun to read a bit more about you! Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

Camille said...

I had to comment again. I read that you like Gintama and I looked it up. I've heard of anime and I love the animation. I didn't know what Gintama and manga were, but having read a bit about it I am going to have to look into it more. I really like the art.

silverrock said...

WOOT! I hope you become a gintama fan :) I love the manga for it's off-beat, quirkiness... it just plain makes me laugh