Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Bakes

I wasn't quite sure how this years Halloween baking was going to come along. I just kind of went the ol' fashioned route and decided to bake and decorate some cupcakes and cookies. Here are my final products! I dunno what it is about Halloween that gets me all in the creative spirit, but I simply had to make each cupcake unique... and here there are...

Kooky Old-man-esque cookie... yup that's a cashew nose

Was supposed to be a pumpkin man... then he turned into a pink, punk, pumpkin dude

Cute Spider. I used Pocky vegetable sticks, M&M's and chipits

This one kind of reminds me of Doraemon. I used Pocky vegetable sticks, a tic-tac, a chipit and two mini fuzzy-peaches for his eyes.

Monster Cyclops Star Thing. There's an M&M, regular candy corn, caramel candy corn, cinnamon-apple candy corn, and gummy vampire teeth

Green-horned cyclops. I used lime-tootsie rolls, tic-tacs and gave him an M&M + chipit eye

The Green-eyed monster. I used a marshmallow, colored coconut shreds, lime-tootsie rolls and an M&M

Random Graveyard of Randomness. There's oreo crumbs, coconut shreds, a pumpkin and two gummy ghosts.

Hehe.... one of my faves! The "shrunken head" cupcake. I used a marshmallow, chipits, and a Pocky stick.

The Purple Monster named Bob. Hmm... you can probably guess what I used to make him.

This one's got the wink down to an art. There's a chocolate skittle, vampire teeth, a pocky stick and a face-down gummy ghost for the winking eye! Who wouldn't love a face like that?!

Woah! That was fun eh? I think I have a thing for vampire teeth. They make awesome decorations for monster cupcakes. I also made a couple of the dirt (oreo crumbs) + gummy worms/spiders cupcakes. But I figure you've seen enough of those there's no need for pictures. Happy Halloweening everyone... get lots of candy (or in my case, go to Safeway and buy a lot of discount candy on Nov 1st!) and enjoy brushing your teeth all night long :P


Steph said...

Cute cupcakes! You are so creative, I would've never thought of designing them with all the different sorts of candies and snacks. They all look so original!

Camille said...

You look like you had way too much fun making these! I love all the colors and how they are all different.

Steph said...

I have an award for you!

Rebel said...

I just discovered your blog and saw your adorable Halloween cupcakes. I wish I'd seen them earlier, oh well there's next year. I can't wait to show your pictures to my granddaughter. Thanks for the original idea.