Sunday, October 05, 2008

Betty Crocker E-Book!

How awesome is it to have more free stuff?! Betty Crocker seems to be jumping on the free e-book band-wagon and I couldn't be happier. So, here's the link to another fantastic cookbook with tons of recipes, enjoy!

Whole Wheat Baking

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Palidor said...

Wow, more free stuff. You're awesome!! How did you find out about all these e-books?

silverrock said...

Oh, it's probably got something to do with my obsession with baking/cooking freebies. I always sign up for a bunch of emails for this and that. That's how I get the inside scoop on these types of things. I dunno if I'd recommend you do the same, because I get a lot more crap-emails than worth-while ones :P

Palidor said...

That's okay. I'll just stay tuned to your blog for any freebie updates! (Plus, your blog's just plain fun to read.)