Friday, October 12, 2007

And for Thanksgiving...

Drum roll everyone. This year, I sadly did not have a chance to aid my pops in preparing the turkey... but I am determined that it will happen sometime before I graduate :P Perhaps I'll help with the Christmas turkey! But anyways, I did get to prepare the best part of a Thanksgiving meal (besides the turkey... ooh and the stuffing) the dessert. And what says Thanksgiving more than PUMPKIN PIE!?!? Why, individual pumpkin tarts of coarse! I got the recipe from, and the only variation I made was to use butter instead of shortening. I divided the pie crust amongst five mini-tart pans for each member of my family, and with the leftovers I decided to just make one regular 9-inch pie (and one small ramekin of pumpkin pudding).

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