Saturday, October 20, 2007

Almost Bubble World

Today, I decided that since it was raining like crazy I would not brave the great outdoors. But for some strange reason I was really craving eggplant, and not just any eggplant the kind served at the bubble tea houses (like Bubble World and No. 1 Beef Noodle House). I did have an eggplant just sitting in my fridge waiting... no crying to be used and with a little extra time on my hands decided that I didn't need a bubble tea house to make food for me! I could do it on my own, after all I am a big girl :) I whipped out my copy of Savouring China: by Williams-Sonoma (an amazing book, I must say) and found just the recipe I was looking for. Sichuan-Style Braised Eggplant... the recipe can also be found here.

Looks almost like the real thing eh? I was quite impressed with myself. I served this to my parents for lunch... my sisters aren't to keen of the eggplant, I think they just won't eat any vegetable that is purple :P My parents loved it and wanted me to make it again, maybe I will when I have more time... and when eggplants go on sale (they are expensive little bugger aren't they?).

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