Saturday, October 27, 2007


Rating *** out of *****
Wahoo! Finally getting out of the house and going somewhere... I know, I'm surprised too :P I've been so super busy that I have hardly gotten to see the outside world? (well, aside from walking from class to class... but that doesn't count). I took a trip down to Coquitlam with the family and we were ready to try out a new restaurant.

So this time we let my younger sister pick where to eat out. She's in a real "Japanese phase" right now... watching a ton of anime on youtube, crunchyroll and veoh (to name a few). I was psyched to go to Akari because I've only heard good things about Japanese cuisine. This was the real stuff, not just sushi and tempura like at the westernized "all-you-can-eat" sushi restaurants.

Wow! Okonomiyaki... it was so good! I wanted to eat the whole thing, but sadly my stomach was too small :P

Okay, so we did order sushi... we couldn't resist

Their seafood tsunomono (It was good, but small and cost $6.95)

The Queen's dinner set, came with a ton of tasty treats.

The plain udon in soup... although plain, my sisters found it very tasty. Careful, the pot is hot!

Overall the service was really good. The food was fresh and really quickly served; and they had a wide variety of foods to choose from. My okonomiyaki did take 20mins to cook, but the server told us outright that this would be the case. I admire their honesty. The atmosphere was very quaint, it had the feel of being in a Japanese garden. There was a rock pond, bamboo fronds, and very aesthetically pleasing dining booths. The only tiff I have is with the pricing; but I guess that all fancy Japanese restaurants are pretty pricey. We'll definitely be going back again! I hope it's sometime soon :)

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