Sunday, June 15, 2008

What do I do on My Day off?

I wasn't scheduled to work at KFC last wednesday, so what did I do? Well, the smart guess would have been "bake"... but technically I didn't really do that, but I applaude you for the wise guess. Instead I went to the Cloverdale Bakery, which is run by a Fijian man who, while currently on vacation, has left the store in the hands of my good friend. The store is usually operated by a one-person team from 9:00am-5:00pm... boy, if I were made to work all by myself I think I'd cry (well, either that or gorge myself on baked goods :P).

So, on my day off I went to the bakery and offered my friend some company. She was very happy to have company and showed me all around the little Danish Bakery, which despite the small exterior, was a maze behind the counter. I aided my friend in creating and displaying some of the sweets and then once we were really, truly done everything we made up and impromptu St. Honore cake.

When you have all the ingredients at your disposal (the profiteroles, whipped cream, bavarian cream, melted chocolate, vanilla sponge cake and sugar cookie base) the cake can be assembled in no time at all. Et voila! Here is my finished St. Honore cake. Okay, we couldn't find the roux ring that was suppose to go in the bottom layer, so we use profiteroles instead (which made the cake easier to cut), and we made it really, really small... but it was deliciously sweet and my friend and I were proud to call it our own.

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Palidor said...

Thanks, silverrock! Actually, it's way better and I was able to trail run today without any pain! I'm so happy. :)

Mmmm, that looks sooooo sinful!