Thursday, June 05, 2008

California '08 Picture Show (Part 1)

May 25, 2008

A couple university friends and I decided that we needed a vacation and a way to celebrate completing 2 eventful (and stressful :P) years of study. What better way than to spend some of our blessed summer-time in the land of sun?! Yup, we were off to California, to enjoy the beaches the sun and of course... the mouse!

We left from Seatac Airport at aroung 4:30am. The drive across the border was actually not to bad. It was a Sunday so their was no rush of cars, and no morning commute traffic in downtown Seattle. Hooray! After 2 hours and 25mins... we are one step closer to reaching our destination.

I love these electronic ticket machines, so much easier and quicker than having to wait in long lines to get your boarding pass.
We had 1.5 hours to kill at Seatac and decided that we'd just relax in the food court. I of course had to have my java fix... my friends were more adventerous and tried Wendy's new breakfast menu.
Hmm... I dunno, it looks okay but my stomach may not be able to handle all that greasy goodness. It's almost like eating a cheeseburger for breakfast :P
And we have lift-off!

Happy to have landed safely in LAX!

After arriving in California, we were already making plans for the remainder of the day. Although our plans never really materialized (because we were just so exhausted from the travel), making plans always passes the time. We waited for our shuttle to take us to the hotel; we stayed at Cortona Inn and Suites... a pretty good hotel, in the hub of downtown Anaheim and within walking distance of Disneyland :)

After ditching our luggage at the hotel room, we decided that we should stock up on some much-needed grocery supplies. Hmm... bread? milk? fruit? water?.... Nah, those things can wait. In fact, I told the rest of the gang that we could probably grab all those things at the continental breakfast the next day (oh, my asian-ness comes out again).

One of the first purchases in California. You can't get this flavor in Canada! Although I expected it to be very boring, it was actually really good. Mmmm... fudge covered waffle cone pieces *drool*

May 26, 2008

Yup, what'd I tell ya... look at that continental breakfast spread. These danishes & donuts would be my staple food groups for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the theme parks :P

Ooo... carb-tastic. Waffles, and breads and jams... oh my!

Definitely not the name-brand stuff... but tasty none-the-less.

Silly, silly... my friend decided she liked her hard-boiled eggs hot. So, she stuck it in the microwave and yup... it exploded

Well, the beginning of our California adventure has turned out wonderfully (aside from the exploding egg). I can't wait to post pics of the rest of our trip... man, I really want to go back.

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