Friday, June 27, 2008

Mochi Bread

I'm still searching for the perfect recipe for Baked Mochi Bread. After being intrigued by all the bloggers who have baked these chewy treats, I am really wanting to make some myself. Sadly, all of their recipes require a pre-mix which I am unable to find at my local grocery stores and I'm not sure if it's worth an arm and a leg to order the pre-mix from an online store. The best I can do is buy the Mochi-bread from my local market and enjoy the lovely taste and texture while imagining that I've made it from scratch.

I bought a bag of Baked Mochi Bread from Hannam, the local Korean grocer, and it was pretty pricey. 6 pcs for $4.50!! Wah, I guess that's because they don't have much demand for the bread, so they don't have economy of scale. Oh well, I was willing to shelf out the cash just to try this bread... and I'm glad I did.

The bread was crisp on the outside, while being fluffy and chewy on the inside. I quite enjoyed it, and the black sesame seeds added a hint of a nutty flavor.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, I've been looking for a mochi bread recipe too. I found this website. The recipe looks fairly straightforward, I've yet to try it though. Hope it works for you. :)