Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sui Sha Ya at Metrotown

Rating: **1/2 out of *****
I think that all the best sushi restaurants are downtown. But, that's a little far for me to drive, so I always settle for going as far as Metrotown. I know, I shouldn't sacrifice quality for... distance, but gas prices are crazy high, transit is expensive and parking is next to impossible downtown. But excuses aside, I decided that Sui Sha Ya would be the perfect place to go for Metrotown sushi. We heard about their all-you-can-eat menu after 9pm, and thought that this sounded good considering my family can eat a lot of sushi.
Not the best decision, to stuff your face with sushi or go to Sui Sha Ya. The food was decent, not the best, but the service was subpar. I couldn't believe how grumpy the waitresses were; I mean, they were serving paying customers! They could have at least had smiles on their faces. Our waitress forgot one of our dishes, and was very impatient when we asked for more wasabi. Aside from the crumby service here's what we got...

The ever popular, agedashi tofu and vegetable tempura.

My crab-veggie maki roll
Oyster Motoyaki

Barbequed Salmon cheek, they're really large portions. But who cares? It's all you can eat!

Teriyaki Beef

These soba noodles were really fresh

Fried, battered smelt fish

Okay, so I guess I need to stop eating out and start cooking more at home. I really need to get my busy hands working in the kitchen again. I'm thinking of using my rectangular tart pan for something, not sure what thought. Hmm... but I will make it soon, I promise.

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