Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yeah! A long weekend!

Now I finally have time away from my busy schedule to whip up something good. I haven't made breakfast in a long time, so I offered to cook for my family! My dad, who usually cooks us Saturday morning breakfast was all for it. Now all I had to do was figure out what to make. I settled on the good ol' fashioned crepes. I had never tried my hand at this before, and hearing from a lot of people that crepes were difficult to pull off I was ready for the challenge. I really hoped that this recipe worked, because if it didn't... I didn't have a back-up plan for breakfast! I can't let my family starve :O So I'd better get it right. I used the recipe found here and rummaged through the freezer to find a back of frozen fruits. *Gasp* I know... using frozen fruits is a sin, but it's autumn and all the good fruits are out of season :( I would have loved to use apples with cinnamon, brown sugar and caramel but we didn't have any apples... oh well, maybe next time. The alcohol I used was bacardi rum, I was planning on using the richer Captain Morgan's but alas, we had run out.

Anywho, the crepes turned out wonderfully. My family hadn't had crepes in a long time, I think the last time we ate them was in las vegas about 2 years ago! That's embarassing. We all had a great breakfast of relaxation and were ready for the long weekend to get underway.

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