Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beef No. 1 Revisited

Rating **** out of *****

Woot! I had an awesome long, rememberance day weekend. And what did my family and I do for rememberance day? What any normal asian family does... go to metrotown. But first, we went out for lunch at a little place called Beef No. 1. The first time we ever had the pleasure of eating at this restaurant was the day we came back from our camping trip. I had never heard of this little Taiwanese noodle and Bubble Tea house before our family friends suggested that we try it out. We did... and we loved it. So here's our return to the fine dining establishment.

My dad ordered the Noodle+Soup bowl combo with deep-fried short ribs. They were really good, not too much fat and very flavorful. Only $7.95

My mom decided to have the rice combo, it came with two small dishes of veggies and the spicy shrimp with peanuts. We all had to try some, it looked so good... and it tasted even better.

Here's the spicy peanut shrimp up-close, the combo was also $7.95

My sister loves bubble tea, and she decided to order their vanilla bean one. I wouldn't have ordered it, but it turned out to be pretty good (I still prefer taro). It's pretty pricey at $4.95

Here's my Noodle+Soup combo with pickled ginger and diced pork. I love my pickled ginger, but this version was a little less sour than I like to have it. At $6.95, it was a good deal and I wasn't even able to finish the whole thing. Both of my sisters also ordered the the Noodle+Soup bowls, but they decided on wonton for the add-in.

Lastly, the pot-stickers. These were really good, and the black vinegar that came with it truly made the dish.

Overall, Beef No. 1 was a really fun place to hang out and just relax. It can get pretty crowded once it hits noon, but it's well worth the wait. The portions are huge and were well priced. We will definitely be coming back for more... and hopefully it'll be sometime soon.


freshtopia said...

I'll read your blog... I love pot stickers. And long have I been a fan of molasses cookies with Old English font lettering on them... or was is old english malt liquor in them. Either way, count me in.

And thanks for the link, we've returned the favor.

All my best,
Director, Freshtopia.net

Caroline said...

Just found your blog. This post made me hungry..I MUSt have a bubble tea tonight! mmmm I always order the banana coconut.

silverrock said...

thanks guys... and yes, I too am a fan of the malt-liquor filled cookies.