Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bird's in a ... "basket"?

Today I found myself staring at a bag of hotdog buns... knowing full well that there was no way that my family was going to eat them all. We're starting to get sick of hotdogs, smokies etc. having had them for 2 dinners in the past week ... yuck!

Again this raises the question of why hotdog buns are sold in packs of 6 or twelve and hotdogs are sold in packs of 8. That is messed up. Anyways... the bag originally contained 12 buns and we were now down to 7 .

For breakfast I decided to slice the buns and roll them flat. I then made them into cone shapes and baked them at 325 F for 3 minutes. I cooked up some Bird's custard and piped a small amount into each hotdog cone and served it up as a delicious breakfast treat. For some reason, my custard looks like some weird rhino/elephant or somekind of animal. Everyone loved them... but there are still 5 buns to go. ARGH!

For more ideas on what to do with leftover hot dog buns check out my other post More Hot Dog Adventures I know the title is kinda stupid but whatevs.

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