Sunday, August 09, 2009

7 Traits: An Award/Meme

I've been given this Meme from my gal Palidor over at, thank you very much... I haven't done a meme in quite some time :)

Here are the rules of this Meme:
  1. Acknowledge the person who gave you the award (thanks Palidor!)
  2. Nominate 7 other blogs
  3. Share 7 personality traits
Here are my nominees... I'd sure love to find out what there 7 personality traits may be.
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- Small Small Baker at Small Small Baker
- Camille at Rtemis
- Gattina at
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- Irene at Irene's Rumbles
- Sheryl at Crispy Waffle
- Belachan at
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And now one with rule #3... listing my personality traits

1. I guess one would call me a realist. In terms of guessing what the future holds, I'm not really an optimist, or a pessimist but I like to analyze the situations around me in order to determine what would be the most rationally occurring event. If you ask me whether the glass is "half-empty" or "half-full" my response would have to be in relation to the question... "well, did you recently pour water into the glass or take a sip from the glass?"

2. Obsessive, I am definitely an obsessive individual. Once I've set my mind to complete something I must do it, or else I will most definitely beat myself up about not completing it. I can never do anything without putting my whole heart and all my effort into it... if I go for a run with the mentality of completing a 10k, I can't cut my run short or else I feel like a lazy bum.

3. Perfectionist, this is probably the best/worst trait for me to have. Whenever I bake and something goes right I am very proud of myself and ready to great the world head-on... however, when something goes wrong during my time in the kitchen, everything goes downhill. I start to get bummed out because I start believing that I can't accomplish my baking/cooking task, and then my mind starts to wander which results in the inevitable baking/cooking failure... an impossible to present dish

4. Egocentric, again, not a very nice trait but it is me none-the-less. Although I do occasionally enjoy making others around me happy I am a very self-centered individual. If I'm not happy, I really must remove myself from big social settings, lest I make the rest of the group uncomfortable... yes, I'm sometimes a downer who always wants her own way.

5. Thrifty, this is probably the most prominent trait I express. I am Asian through and through, I will often stop by the supermarket even if I don't intend to purchase anything, simply so that I can walk through all the aisles and gather coupons that can be utilized at other times when the products are on sale... because on sale + coupon = major savings!! I am one of those people who take shampoos/soaps from hotels; asks for extra packs of peanuts on planes and saves them for an off-flight snack sometime during my vacation; and yes, I have asked for a refill on my "bottom-less fries" simply to ask the waitress to pack them to go... Also, my fave place to shop is called McFrugal's... so that's saying something :P

6. Distractable, it doesn't really take much to get me off topic and keep me off topic. I don't know what's wrong with the rails in my brain, but one's you hit the track-switch I'm off on a tangent with no capability of return unless you remind me where I was. I blame the internet, who invented this "tabbing application"? It is seriously a major cause for ADD. I can go on the web with the only intention of checking my e-mail, and then randomly end up on facebook, craigslist, ebay and attempting to buy merchandise from!!! AAAAHHH!

7. Indecisive, it seems that my friends and I share this trait. Don't ask us what we do on our nights out because we certainly don't know until we're actually doing it! Many of our conversations go a little something like this...
"Do you guys want to see a movie?"
"sure, if you want to"
"I'm okay with going, if you are"
"I guess we can go then"
"why not" ... and so on, and so forth... crazy, no?

Anyways, so that's pretty much me. Woah, I never realized that almost all of my traits are negative... dude that's not cool. Oh well, I'm not going to bother changing it... so I guess my 8th trait would have been laziness :P


Palidor said...

Thanks for posting! We share quite a few traits - obsessive, perfectionist, and thrifty! But see, we can blame our Asian genes for being thrifty. ;-)

Glad your heat wave is over. We just started one here in southern Ontario yesterday. Can't complain, though, since we've only had about 5 warms days here the entire summer. Saved me a ton on my hydro bill (see the Asian cheapness??).

silverrock said...

hahaha... yes, we do share thriftiness :) that's awesome! And I guess you're right, the heat-wave does have it's benefits!

Camille said...

Thanks for the "award"! I've been a total slacker with my blog this summer. Well, really, just very busy. Can busy be a personality trait?! :D I'll be sure to post my list asap. Thanks for checking in with me and I hope you are enjoying your new condo...I am loving my new place!