Friday, August 21, 2009

Blue Cheese Scones

The good thing about blue cheese is that since it's already moldy, it doesn't expire very quickly... the bad thing about it is that I honestly had know idea what to make with the remaining piece of my blue cheese wedge. Whenever I am plum out of ideas from my cookbooks/noggin I head for the internet and the place to search was the Rosenborg webpage. Most of the time the manufacturers of food products have some pretty decent recipe ideas that are not only tasty but very simple and use few ingredients (I think the idea is to showcase their product's ease and versatility! Those guys are brilliant)... so anyways, I stumbled upon many recipes that peaked my interest, but settled for one that suited my baking addiction... Blue Cheese Scones! The recipe can be found here.

These scones were divine!! I decided to forgo sprinkling the extra bits of cheese on top of the scones because I thought that it would make for sloppy looking scones, and that the blue cheese fragrance and taste would be too strong. In all actuality, I could have sprinkled on the cheese because although the flavor was very powerful, when baking, the pungent moldy smell and taste is mellowed and the true cheese-flavor rings through. The scones were wonderfully flaky and buttery and I very much enjoyed the cheesy taste. They taste the best when they're fresh from the oven; so, if serving them for breakfast the next day, be sure to toss them in the microwave or toaster oven to warm up before you snack on them. I definitely recommend this recipe for anyone who loves blue cheese, and for those who've never ventured out to try the moldy stuff this recipe will help ease you into loving the taste of blue cheese!


Palidor said...

If I liked blue cheese, I'm sure I would like these scones. I'm not a big fan of stinky cheese. I don't like my food to smell like feet. :-P

silverrock said...

hehehe... yeah, I didn't use to be a fan, but then I gave it a chance... and on the 5th try I finally gave in to it's stinky goodness