Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brown Rice with Chicken and Sausage

So, it's Spring Break for my little sisters and my parents decided that they'd jet-off to Mexico, leaving me to take care of the silly girls. Alas, I wish I were Mexico-bound and tanning on the beautiful beaches but I am stuck here in BC with the crazy Canadian weather pelting me (literally) with a melange of weather conditions. This morning, my sisters and I woke up to a fairly decent day... the sky wasn't blue per-say but at least it was clear and there were no grey clouds. But then came noon, and the weather gods decided to grace us with a couple hours of rain... and then they showed us some more love by following the rain with snow (would you believe it!??! In mid-March!!?!?). After the snow let up, the weather changed drastically again. The sun came out around 4pm and my sisters even asked to play outside. Sadly, they only managed about 30mins of fun in the sun when the clouds rolled in AGAIN!!. I didn't think that the weather could be any more strange than it was already, but then came the hail! Seriously??? Mr. Weatherman, what are you doing to us Vancouverites?? We just want the blisteringly cold weather to disappear... it is SPRING break after all.

Well, to cheer up my sisters from some really bum weather and the inability to spend their well-deserved Spring Break outdoors I decided to cook up a hearty meal that would warm them. I prepared For more information visit this recipe from and it turned out to be spectacular! It reminded me of jook from some really great HK restaurant or something, except this recipe contains sausages and is more of a paella-style dish rather than congee-soup.

My sisters loved this rice. They helped themselves to 2-3 bowls of it!! I will definitely be keeping this recipe for future use, and I will have to prepare it for my parents sometime when they get back. Those lucky bums... I can just see them now, dancing to some Mexican music and enjoying their fruity cocktails :P Wait until I tell them about our crazy weather, they will not believe me.

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