Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oh where has the summer gone? Fun ol' Picture Show

I'm sitting here trying to think about where exactly my summer has disappeared to. For some reason, it seemed as though the 2 months of freedom flew by at lightening speed, and now I'm hitting the books and working on assignments. I decided to rummage through a bunch of photos that I'd taken over the course of the summer, and, this may sound crazy but, it already brings back memories of fun in the sun. So, here are just a couple pictures that remind me of the great times of summer 2008.

Hanging out in Cali; Disneyland and Six-flags

PNE fun... rides, candied apples and mini donuts

Downtown at Yuk Yuks, and the best Durian Milkshake in Chinatown :)

Travelling to Whistler Village with Jacques... don't let your dog drive :P

Hiking through Lost Lake, and being confused by crazy signs

Treating ourselves to Rocky Mountain ice cream, eating straight from the tub!

Driving down to Oregon... but having to leave Jacques at the kennel :( Look at him trying to fly away!

Checking in to Embassy Suites in time for their Manager's Special... free alcoholic beverages and appetizers! Ooo... mushroom antipasto and sweet bread with balsamic vinegar

Going Outlet shopping in the tax-free state, and treating myself to a Rocky Mountain Caramel Apple! Of course, I had to stop by Le Gourmet Chef and take a look around

Late-night chinese take-out from Panda Express... I still prefer Manchu Wok better :P

Complimentary, hot-breakfast... complete with made-to-order omelets. Yum!

"If you build it, they will come"... somehow, us Asians always manage to seek-out the Asian Supermarkets in town. This Vietnamese market had loads of mooncakes on sale (of course we bought some... tax free remember!), and even bubble tea powder!!! And look at all the rice cakes *drool*

Being gangsta at Denny's... yup, the waitress thought we were strange but whatevs

Heading to the Night Market to indulge in more asian goodies. Stationary, stuffies and of course FOOD!

Albeit, I did way more this summer than just travel around from place-to-place and stuff myself full of their food and buy up all of their merchandise. I worked at KFC (and yes, I've tried the veggie burger... tastes like fish), did 12hr shifts at the hospital, hung out in Vancouver, walked the dog, ran 10k four times a week, cooked, partied, hung out with the sisters, watched a butt-load of HK films, went to the movies, dined in/dined out... and of course tried to sleep.

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