Friday, September 12, 2008

Mooncake Fever!

What could possibly be hiding within this beautifully crafted (cardboard) box?! Well, you've probably guessed it... I mean, what other Asian festival is around this time and makes people go out and spend exorbidant amounts of moolah on cute little artistic foods? It's the Mid-Autumn Festival!!! And the pride and joy of the mid-autumn festival... beautifully crafted mooncakes. Wikipedia has a whole write-up of interesting "did-you-knows" for the Mid-Autumn festival, so I won't bother you all with the details... just click here.

My pops picked up a package of mini-mooncakes from T&T. These ones contained a filling of longan, red-bean and salted egg yolk.

We also bought a couple of the full-sized mooncakes. This one had lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk.

Ooooo... look at the inside! I just love salted egg yolk. I could eat it all day, all by itself. But that'd be a very unhealthy diet :P

Snow-skin mooncakes are the only ones my sisters enjoy. This one was filled with mango and sago cream.

I can't wait until the Mid-Autumn festival draws to a close. We'll be eating mooncakes for at least 2 weeks after the festival... why? Because the day after the festival is also the day when mooncakes go on sale :)


Camille said...

It sounds like these taste as good as they look! I've read about these but have never eaten them.

silverrock said...

Well, if you have an asian market nearby you could definitely find all the ingredients to make your own mooncakes! Homemade is waaay better anyways :)