Sunday, August 03, 2008

15 Minute Asian Light Meals

There are many blogs that I frequent very often, and by often I mean everyday. After browsing through my long list of blogs that I check daily I happened across a great cooking contest being held by Jaden of The competition is entitled 15 Minute Asian Light Meals and simply asks for you to submit a simple, asian-inspired dish that can be made in 15mins or less. After reading that a simple post of a recipe could get my name entered into a draw for a Flip-Video Ultra, I was scouring my back-logs for the perfect recipe. I created this dish all the way back in March '08, and here it is again ... my Korean Noodle Stirfry. This dish is simply delicious, it's quick and easy (as long as you have all the ingredients on hand) and it is wonderfully aromatic and filling. The sauce consists of Doenjang (Korean Soybean Paste), which is an acquired taste on its own, but when paired with noodles and a little bit of soy sauce... this dish is a killer hit!

It just so happens, I had whipped up this dish just last night for a staff potluck and everyone enjoyed it. Hopefully, this recipe will get my lucky name picked to win that Flip-Video Ultra... my current camera is really messing with me :P

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Camille said...

Korean soybean paste sounds interesting and my kids love most anything asian with noodles...sounds like a hit.