Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Mad Monkey

Hmmm... you may be asking "What's with all that alcohol?!" No, I have not become an alcoholic and no, I'm not going through a depression... but, while up in Whistler for some quite intriguing dining experiences, I was introduced to this lovely drink... The Mad Monkey. I remembered that the description of the drink was that it contained Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream and Banana liquer. Unfortunately, we were out of Kahlua and I had never bought banana liquer before... but thankfully, being a coffee-holic, I just so happened to have some Torani Creme de Banane hanging out in my pantry. I also had a small bottle of Malibu Coconut-flavored Rum, which I had purchased on a recent trip to California. I thought through how I was going to mimic the Mad Monkey, with my very different resources and this is the recipe I came up with...

Jo's Mad Monkey
(Yield: enough drink for 3 Rock Glasses)

- 1 oz Baileys Irish Cream
- 1 oz Malibu, Coconut-flavored Rum
- 1 oz Torani Creme de Banane
- 4 oz 2% milk
- Ice
- 1 tbsp Chocolate Malt Powder (optional)

1. Combine all ingredients in a martini shaker and shake until drink is thoroughly cold.
2. Pour into drink glasses (I used my Kahlua rock glasses) and serve.

Oh my goodness, was this drink delicious. I couldn't remember if it tasted exactly like the one at the restaurant, but that didn't matter... this was better. Not too strong and not too sweet, my parents and I enjoyed this refreshing drink while we watched the Olympics.


Camille said...

Oh...that looks so yummy! I bet it would be great frozen!

silverrock said...

Hmm frozen... now there's an idea. I think I'll try that, once I'm all sobered up :P

noobcook said...

wow, nice to mix your own cocktail! I love the name too :)