Monday, July 07, 2008


Rating: ***1/2 out of *****
Yup, it's been a week since I last blogged about anything and I've come back in swinging fashion by deciding to blog about my recent dining experience at the local Tuscan Grill... Coza! This is new local Italian restaurant that is apparently operated by a former manager of the Olive Garden. The food here is a bit more refined than at the OG and a bit more pricey as well. But if you want Tuscan cuisine in a more elegant dining atmosphere, rather than in a family-oriented pasta house, this place is for you! I've seen the construction of this restaurant for months, and once it was up and running I was eager to try it out. I simply love dining out and trying various different types of dishes, just to expand my palate. I often search online to examine the menu prior to going to any restaurant, and this time was not different. It was a bit difficult to search for Coza! online because it's not a franchise (not yet anyways), so there's only the one location. But if you're interested in seeing the menu, check out

Our waiter was very kind to inform us that almost every dish was made in house, another difference between Coza! and the Olive Garden. Even their desserts (except for the gelatos) are made in Coza's kitchen... quite impressive. My friends and I decided to take a seat on the patio, as it was a very sunny, but not too humid day and their was a pleasant breeze. Honestly, how can you sit indoors, while you see that beautiful sun shining outside?!

As most Italian restaurants do, Coza! treated us to some free Tuscan bread accompanied by olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. It was very tasty, and had a hint of spiciness to it.

Caesar Salad $6. The anchovies in the dressing added a very fishy taste to the dish; I've never tasted it so strong before. It was simple and tasty but nothing amazing.

A friend of mine order their Pinot Grigio $8. It was fairly priced, and my friend said that it was very crisp and refreshing.

To accompany the Pinot, my friend ordered the Garlic Scampi, shrimp seared in garlic butter and finished with prosciutto and basil for $11. A bit pricey for my taste, but the smell of the shrimp smelled delicious.

Having never tried antipasto before, I went for Coza's Antipasto Mista for $7. It was basically a platter of various cold appetizers; garlic stuffed olives, roasted red peppers, basil-wrapped goat cheese, prosciutto, marinated asparagus hearts, salami, provolone cheese and a balsamic reduction. I quite enjoyed it, it was tasty and not too filling... perfect for my tiny tummy.

Having been told of Coza's home-made desserts, we were quite eager to order something sweet to end the lovely evening. Their menu has a wide array of sweet treats to choose from, and all of them are quite well priced (around $6-7)! Hmm... what would it be? Their limoncello cheesecake? Tiramisu? Classic gelato? The pear crostata?

It was a tough choice, but two of my friends settled on Coza's Vulcano di Cioccolato $6. A deliciously gooey, molten chocolate, warm-fudge cake topped with vanilla gelato. I sampled a bit, and that small spoonful sent me straight to heaven :P

Onto something cooler, my other friend order the Italian Bellini $6. Lemon and blood-orange sorbetto, with vanilla gelato, peaches and a touch of prosecco. Mmmm... I sample some of this one too, it was wonderfully refreshing and the alcohol did not overpower the dessert at all.

I finished off the evening with a nice warm cup of the Coza! Mochaccino $6. The frothed milk was perfectly done, and was rich, foamy and not too dry... just the way I like it. The fresh whipped cream was good, and the hint of french chocolate was even better.

The atmosphere at Coza! is amazing. If you didn't have to see the traffic buzzing buy the restaurant, when you sit on the patio, you could have imagined yourself to be dining in Tuscany itself. The indoor dining room was also quite elegant, having the feel of a fine-dining and yet rustic Italian café. I commend this restaurant on it's ambiance and the impressive service done by the staff. This restaurant is perfect for a special occassion; but if you planned on getting a lot of food for your dollar, this is not the place for you, as a main course can run you a good $25-30. But the food is well

Overall, the dining experience at Coza! was a pleasant one. I would definitely go again with friends, but it seemed a bit pricey and small-portioned to be expecting my parents to treat the entire family to. Maybe I'll treat the two of them to a romantic evening at Coza for their anniversary (although, I'm not sure the Tuscan feel would be the same in cold and blistery December :P)


Michelle said...

The entire meal looks so good from the appetizers to the fabulous looking desserts!!! And I'm starving right now!

silverrock said...

Yeah the meal was good; a bit pricey, but what isn't now-adays?! Looking back at the pics is making my tummy grumble now :P