Thursday, January 18, 2007

World, what crazy weather you have!

By now, I would have expected the snow to stop coming. I mean really, this incessant dumping of unexpected snow is getting out of hand. I guess that old man winter is pretty reluctant to let the spring roll around. Well, the good news is that I can continue to bake more winter oriented dishes... and I intend to. Oh, I know this isn't really food related, but I saw this at a gift shop and had to get it for my sisters birthday.

Happy Birthday Sis, you're adorable and I love you :)

Isn't it cute? We love our chinese food, being chinese and all. And one of her favorite colors is blue. I thought I was dreaming when I stumbled upon this perfect gift, but I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. Oh, and we also love lychee. Amazing!

She's just started learning how to knit. It's pretty confusing, but it's cute and it's something that we can both do together on these cold "winter" nights by the fireplace. Besides, there's nothing better to do... play in the snow? I don't think so. I'd rather stay bundled up in the warm indoors baking away or spending time with my family.

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