Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spring... a long ways away

Just the other day I was saying to myself, "I can't wait for the Spring 2007 semester to begin." Ready to go to class on Wednesday, I had packed my bags and my car up for my commute to school. Then Tuesday night decides to be insane and we're hit with a freakish snow storm. I can't believe they can call this a Spring semester when the entire campus, as well as my house, is being blanketed by almost a foot of snow. I thought, "oh boy... now school's going to be cancelled for sure" (in a sort of happy, sort of sad way). My sister's school was closed due to the crazy weather... so why not mine. I checked my schools website and to my dismay I had to go to class.

Actually surviving my drive to campus, I found it grueling to trudge through all that snow to make it to my classes. To make matters worse, the classes I had that day were on opposite sides of the campus so I had to lug my stuff around from the eastside to the westside in the blizzarding cold. Apparently, one of the English Proffs decided to skip out due to the weather conditions leaving her class high and dry. If a teacher leaves campus then I think they should just close for the day... eh? And honestly, it's the first day of classes... so the most you can expect to learn in the classes is everyone's names (if you're lucky) and review the syllabus. If the school closed, we wouldn't have missed out on anything! That's my honest opinion. My classes ended at around 5pm, but the traffic was so horrible that I didn't get home until 7pm. Having woken up at 7:30 that morning I was about ready to drop into my bed the minute I got home.

Spring, you better come soon and take this crappy weather with you. Or we may have to call this semester the Cold-Snowy-Traffic Laden Semester of 2007.

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