Friday, December 08, 2006

Yeah! It's Christmas Time

Wow, have I been waiting so long for this season to really get going. Just last week I got to miss school (... well university) thanks to a huge snow fall. I think the snow went up, past my knees -that's not saying much considering that i'm barely 5 feet- and was about 30cm deep. I was so excited to hear that I'd be missing my bio lab exam (I really needed time to study). The only thing that sucked about the snow storm was that the power went out for about 6 hrs; and during prime time too. I missed Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives and a slew of other awesome shows... but I suppose it was for the best. My family got to hang out a lot more than we usually do, and we played speed pictionary and scrabble. Yup, scrabble, you can tell that I come from a strictly educational family... hehehe :P The power outage made me realize that everyone in the world needs to just slow down and relax. Chill and spend quality time with the people you love... I mean, there's really nothing better to do. This may sound strange, but I really do hope that another power outage comes around; not for an extended period of time, but long enough to help people realize the true meaning of the season.

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