Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gingerbread-mania 01

Recently I have become addicted to I told myself that I would not support a criminal in her operations but, in my defense, she has some really interesting holiday decorating/cooking ideas. My sisters have been asking me to make gingerbread houses with them. I decided that this year I would attempt that feat. I chose to make my own gingerbread because that store bought stuff is really cardboardy-tasting, and I used the "Gingerbread for Gingerbread House Kit" recipe from martha stewart. The cookie was so rich and delicious... my sisters loved it. They decided to make the traditional gingerbread house, while I chose to make a gingerbread sleigh. I got the house and sleigh templates from I had to make many modifications to the recipe but it wasn't difficult at all. I wanted each of my sisters to get a chance to decorate their own house, so I scaled the templates of the houses and sleigh down to make them into individual sizes. And since I didn't need so much gingerbread dough, I halved the recipe. The result... two beautiful mini gingerbread houses, one sleigh and a ton of gingerbread cookies.

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